The Method Of Learning

The method of learning is a little different. It’s called “Direct” and it’s exactly that – direct. The ease of learning helps you speak English with full confidence, no matter what level you are at. You receive lasting knowledge without unnecessary information.

Метод на обучение
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What is the Direct Method?

Learning a foreign language with this method is based on the way we learned our native language – we first learned to speak and only then to read and write.

In other words, through the direct method we create the necessary reflex for instant response, which helps us to express ourselves automatically in all situations, as we speak our native language.

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 Four Essential Skills





1. Communication through Questions & Answers

The method implements one of the most natural things a person does throughout his life. All dialogues that make up our communication are based on questions and answers.

The teacher asks a question and the student answers following the model of the question.


  • Is it a chair? Yes, it’s a chair.
  • Is it a chair? No, it’s not a chair, it’s a window
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2. Speed

Necessary to create a speaking reflex. The speed of expression is created by several repetitions of the grammatical form in countless varieties.

In this way, the student gains confidence, and the fear of mistakes and blockage of conversations disappears.

3. Ease of Learning

The direct method does not require writing homework and grammar exercises. The language is learned in its entirety and the words previously given to the student in the form of a vocabulary do not require writing in class or at home as in the traditional methodology.

Learning them follows the natural way of mastering each skill such as driving, working with a computer, etc.

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4. Without manual translation into Bulgarian

The learner does not translate, but speaks directly in the foreign language without making a preliminary translation.

The structures are upgraded gradually, as each new word is translated into the vocabulary and introduced one after the other by the teacher with correct pronunciation and repetition of the voice.

5. Durability of Knowledge

The Revision is present in more than half of the class. The language introduced in the previous hours is constantly practiced and negotiated. Thus, the learner quickly and imperceptibly remembers what is taught without wasting unnecessary time in homework.

The direct method gives durability to knowledge. Long after that, the student remembers the sessions, which inevitably introduces him to natural communication and use of language with ease, without long pauses, without translation.

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