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Our method of learning is a little different. It’s called “Direct” and it’s just that – direct. Ease of learning helps you speak English with full confidence, no matter what level you are at. You get lasting knowledge without unnecessary information.

Често Задавани Въпроси (FAQ)

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Frequently Asked Questions
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графика - въпроси

We offer both forms of learning, but during the pandemic situation we offer only online learning.

The textbooks we use are specially developed according to the Direct method, and they include code for the online platform for additional language practice. The textbooks are paper and electronic. You can use the electronic ones through the application in your mobile phone and be with you anywhere with picture and sound.

The Bravo Center teaches mainly English, but with us you can also learn German, French, Russian and other languages.

In our rapidly evolving technological society, online learning is becoming more competitive and effective. Much depends on the speed of the Internet you use, as well as the required browser and Internet platform. It is recommended that you use Google Chrome as your browser. Headsets are desirable, but not required. At Bravo we use the Google Meet or Zoom platform. The sound and picture quality is extremely good. Read more about the benefits of learning HERE.

Yes, this method is extremely suitable for absolute beginners or people who have studied the language, but they lack any speaking skills. The system begins with elementary words and phrases that become more complicated up the levels. It is easy to study using  the Direct Method, because the student does not write homework and the words are not written either, and they are translated and written in vocabularies, which are given to the students at the beginning of the course.

This is because no time is wasted in class writing new words and writing grammar exercises. The system offers a more efficient and faster approach to language learning, in the form of quick questions and answers, which aims to create reflex and speaking habits. Language is learned as one has learned one’s mother tongue – first one listens, speaks, and then reads and writes. Logically, right?

That is why according to the traditional system, people study for years and the effect is catastrophic for many of them. And when it is said that this can happen quickly and permanently, many people perceive it with distrust, but whoever has decided to try it remains a supporter of this system for life.

Yes, although each course lasts no more than 2 months, it is possible to pay the fee in 2 installments with a 10% price increase from the main announced.

To determine your level, a free entry test is taken, both on-site at the center and online.

For the test you need to state your desire to study with us by phone and at a certain time you can take the test with one of our teachers. Not only your ability to write and read is tested, but most of all your ability to speak and express yourself. The test lasts about 1 hour – 60 minutes.

Yes, we offer private lessons.

The certificate that you will receive from us with a 50% passed test for the respective level can be used for work in Bulgaria and abroad, but not for applying to a university. For university you will need either the Cambridge, IELTS and other exams internationally acknowledged.

For adults 1 lesson is from 40 or 60 minutes, and for children from 30 to 60 minutes depending on age.

In our software platform provided by the DLL publishing house called School Zone, every student with a special code can check electronically and at any time what he has achieved and where are his weaknesses to emphasize.

When paying for 2 courses you get a 15% discount on the price per course.

You can start immediately in the next course, which usually starts after 1 week.

If you take more than 2 months without practice, it will affect your return to form, but this is not fatal, as the system creates lasting knowledge, which allows a quick return to form.

The teachers at Bravo Center have international certificates of language proficiency if they are Bulgarian, in addition to university education, and if they are foreigners at least College or successfully taken according to the standards of the British GCSE system.

The so-called NATIVE Teachers or teachers with English as a mother tongue are from different parts of the world – USA, Australia, Great Britain.

The level of teachers is extremely high, because in addition to careful selection, they are also subject to continuous qualification, through seminars and additional training in the method.

You can read more about them HERE.

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