Terms & Conditions

This page contains the general terms and conditions for the services of Bravo Center.

Общи Условия и Политика на Поверителност

Please get acquainted with the subject and the general conditions for using the services on the site and in the Bravo centers.

When you enroll for an online or on-site course, we consider that you accept these terms:


Art. 1. These General Terms and Conditions handle the relationships between the Bravo Center LTD with UIC: 147036196, hereinafter referred to as the Provider and each customer, hereinafter referred to as the User using the services provided by the Provider.

Art. 2. Information about the Service Provider:

  • Name: “Bravo”Center LTD;
  • Headquarters and address of management: 4 Lozenets Str., Sofia
  • Contact details: Email: office@bravocenter.bg;
  • Tel .: 0877108608


Art. 3. The services provided by the Provider, i.e. “Bravo” Center Ltd., are expressed in providing the User with training in English and other languages mentioned on the website of the center Bravo both on site and online.

Art. 4. The Provider reserves the right when using certain services to set additional conditions, which will notify the User by publishing information on www.bravocenter.bg.

Art. 5. In order to gain access to the services provided by the Provider, the User must first declare consent to these General Terms and Conditions.

By reading these General Terms and Conditions, the User declares that he is familiar with them, accepts them and undertakes to comply with them, and that he/she agrees to the personal data provided by him to be processed by “Bravo” Center Ltd. in order to provide services and signing , execution or termination of contracts between the Provider and the User. The personal information that is provided is under the protection of the Personal Data Protection Act. It will in no way be used for purposes other than those announced on the site and will not be provided in any form to third parties.


Art.6. Payment for the services should be made by bank transfer to the bank account specified by the Provider on www.bravocenter.bg or in another way specified by the Provider, mentioning the type of course and the three names of the student, only after clarification after an entry test / the test does not apply to absolute beginners / at the exact level of the student and the start date of the course. The price of the services is considered paid since the moment of receipt of the respective amount on the bank account of the Provider.

Art.7. The payment of the fee for group learning is mentioned under the name of each course and it is paid both in full and in instalments with a 10% increase from the base price, if such payment is possible and mentioned.

Art.8. The payment of the fee for individual learning is for 10 lessons of 40 or 60 minutes. The payment is different depending on the complexity of the respective learning, teacher, etc. and is agreed in advance.

Art.9. The Provider has the right to change the prices at its discretion, at any time, and the User is obliged to pay the price that was current at the time of signing the contract.

Art.10. In case of errors in the announcement of prices on the site, the Provider has the right to refuse to perform the contract and does not owe compensation in any way to the User, except to refund the amount paid by the user, if any.

Art.11. If the User is unable to participate in the group course, the following happens:

  • Upon notification within 10 days from the start date of the course, the full amount is refunded.
  • Upon notification within 2 days from the date of the course 80% of the amount is refunded
  • Upon notification on the first day or after the start of the course, 50% of the fee or other is refunded, and this can be done with a document proving emergency situations, such as illness, accident, etc.
  • In case of Users with a problem preventing attendance at the course and a proven reason, it is agreed to attend the next course with the possibility for the User to participate.

Art.12. If the User is unable to participate in the individual learning, the following happens:

  • Upon receipt of a notification 2 days before the start of the course, the full fee is refunded.
  • Upon receipt of a notification on the day of the learning session, 1 or 2 study hours included in the first lesson are deducted and the remaining amount is refunded.
  • Upon a course already started, the User is obliged to notify the Provider, ie. The cancellation center no later than 48 hours before the start of each lesson. After that, the time of non-appearance is considered spent, unless there are emergency situations as under Article 11, item 3

Art.13 The User who has purchased paper and electronic textbooks has no right to return them and cannot expect a refund of the amount for the textbook, unless the textbook is faulty and needs to be replaced or the User has received a different textbook from the level of the course in which he/she has enrolled. . Textbooks are purchased in advance, and the price at which they are paid is far lower than the price at which they are sold, and their price is compensated by the course price.

Art. 14 The user is obliged to buy and use an original textbook during his training, as the use of copied and non-original textbooks is considered a violation of copyright law and they are not allowed in classes.


Art.15. “Bravo” Center Ltd. or the Provider undertakes to ensure the use of services paid by the User, as agreed in these General Terms.

Art. 16. The Provider reserves the right to make changes to prices and services at any time. The changes of the services come into effect from the moment of their publication on the site of “Bravo” Center LTD. The price changes do not concern the User regarding services that have been paid for before the notification of the change, and come into effect in respect of the respective user after the expiration of the current prepaid period by him/her.

Art. 17. In case of a problem during the course, of which the Provider is notified and which is the fault of the Provider, he is obliged to either return the full amount paid by the User or to compensate the amount with another course or service with the express consent of The User.


Art. 18. The User has the right:

To attend the courses at a specific time unless this time is pre-adjusted with the explicit consent of the management of “Bravo” Center Ltd.

Access to online courses and use of all information in his User Profile;

Art. 19. The User has no right to copy or reproduce information or any materials or objects of intellectual property published on www.bravocenter.bg. The study materials are protected by copyright law and any unauthorized use is subject to legal liability.

Art. 20. The User is obliged to use the services in a way that does not harm other Users, the Provider or third parties. The User is not allowed to post from or to the online training site any illegal, offensive, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or other information that is in violation of applicable laws.

Art.21. When using the services of the individual learning, the User is obliged to notify the management on the telephone numbers indicated on the site of his / her absence at least 48 hours before the start of the individual lesson. Otherwise, he/she pays 1 school hour according to the price list of Bravo Center LTD for not showing up.

Art.22. A User who pays the tuition fee in installments, pays to the announced fee 10% higher price than the announced price from the price list of “Bravo” Center LTD, for which he is notified in advance.

Art.23. The User has the right to cancel the course he has enrolled in no later than the second visit, receiving part of the amount with deducted prices for the hours he attended, in case he does not like the training.

Art.24 The User has the right to receive a diploma only after successfully passing a test / over 50% correct answers from the test / and not later than 1 year from the date of completion of the course! Issuance of a diploma for completed course is paid additionally according to the respective price list of “Bravo” Center LTD up to date.


Art. 25. The Provider has the right to terminate immediately and without notice the provision of services and maintenance of registration of the User, without owing the latter a refund of the price paid for the services or any compensation or penalty if the User violates these Terms, conditions for use of the respective services and the applicable legal norms, or violates in any way the rights of third parties.


Art. 26. The parties undertake to protect each other’s rights and legitimate interests, as well as to keep confidential the information of the other party, which became known to them in connection with the provision of services.

Art. 27. All disputes arising from these General Terms and Conditions or relating to the services provided, if they can not be settled on the spot between the Provider and the User, will be referred to the competent court, and the Bulgarian law will be applicable.

Art. 28. The applicable provisions of the Bulgarian legislation shall apply to the issues not settled in these General Terms and Conditions.

Art.29. These General Terms and Conditions enter into force as of 01.01.2021.