Adult Courses in English

This method of learning English is a little different. It’s called “Direct” and it’s just that – direct. Ease of learning helps learners speak English with full confidence, no matter what level they are at. Students gain lasting knowledge without unnecessary information.

Курсове за възрастни

Courses | А1 , A2 , B1 , B2 ,C1

General English

The English language learning for adults is conducted according to the Direct method based on questions and answers and consists of:

  • 10 textbooks
  • 10 training courses

They are conducted from level at absolute beginners A1 to advanced C1. Students who have studied the language before this course take a free entry test to determine the level from which they should start.

графика - летящ човек
Stage1 А1 - Book 1 /Beginners/
Stage2 А1 - Book 2 /Elementary/
Stage3 А2 - Book 3 /Elementary/
Stage4 А2 - Book 4 /Pre-intermediate/
Stage5 B1 - Book 5 /Intermediate/
Stage6 B1 - Book 6 /Intermediate/
Stage7 B2- Book 7/Upper-Intermediate/
Stage8 B2 - Book 8 /Upper-Intermediate/
Stage9 B2 - Book 9 /Upper-Intermediate/
Stage10 C1 - Book 10 /Advanced/

Free Entry Level Test

Request your free entrance test at Bravo Center! Together we will make a short test, according to which you will find out at what level in the language you are and we will look at your specific learning needs.

The purpose of this consultation is to get a clear idea of what level you are at and what is the right class for you.

Help us learn a little more about you by answering a few preliminary questions via the button below and we will contact you soon.

графика - въпроси и отговори